Seeing is believing. Get to know us, sit down with our experts at Intracta to get a clear idea of your vision. We develop a workable strategy to achieve your vision in a dynamic and highly functional custom and interactive meeting platform. Intracta’s second screen technology is second to none.

Fully comprehend your data with an in-depth report. We track the most minute details of your meeting, from clicks, to page view, to overall audience engagement. These details are what will allow your company’s meetings to improve each and every time.

A closed infrastructure promotes interaction in a live meeting experience. Per your specifications, custom detailed metrics are gathered and delivered. We then analyze this substantial data to make (and keep) your live meetings extraordinary.

Features You Will Love

Always Adding and Improving

Complete Interactivity

Keep audience members engaged with live surveys, games, and instant question interactions.

Defeat Digital Distraction

Every second that your attendee’s attention is engaged elsewhere, you’re losing on your meeting investment. We utilize sourced technology and use signature programs to fully engage your audience, all in a friendly and easy-to-use interface.


Cater to your audience no matter their native language, as interpretation can be provided on-site or remotely at any meeting.

Seamless Translation

Give your meeting a unique touch. Specialized programs are designed for organizations by utilizing simultaneous interpretation delivered real-time via iPads.

Simple Note Taking

Meeting attendees will have no problem taking notes with the easy to use iPad interface. They will be able to access these notes during and after the meeting ends.

Help Your Attendees

Your meeting attendees are provided everything they need to leave with a tremendous takeaway. They have the ability to easily take notes, and receive the respective slides and notes to review long after the meeting.

Audience Polling

Discover how the audience felt about the whole meeting, the agenda, or specific lectures/speakers, and use this information to instantly improve your next meeting.

Improve with Audience Feedback

Without feedback from the audience, you are unable to know what areas your meeting can improve in. Intracta’s software implements audience feedback directly into the presentations, gathering impressions of each meeting, speaker, and more, so your company has an easy reference to build upon its success.

Post-Meeting Reports

Attendees will be sent their notes, saved slides, and other information after the meeting, so you know they will retain the new information.

Continue the Learning Process

We provide attendees with a detailed report of each slide they saved, note they took, and question they asked, so they can continue to grow for long after the meeting ends.

Constant Improvement

Intracta is a fast-paced software company, with a desire to constantly grow and improve. We think different. Suggestions are taken happily, and added rapidly.

Suggest a Feature

Was something missing from our app or do you have an idea for a feature that would strengthen your meeting? Let Intracta know, our skilled team is always looking for ways to meet your needs and improve our application.

Intuitive User Interface

  • Take notes with a stylist or your finger.

  • Keep on track for the day with the easily located agenda.

  • Direct Q&A submission. Ask questions to the presenter straight from your iPad.
  • Navigate and review past slides without getting ahead of the presenter.
  • Access presenter biographies at any time.
  • Generate instant feedback for each presenter via end-of-session surveys.

Post-Meeting Reports

Our dedicated team will help you take full advantage of your meeting data.

These data-driven decisions are now available for overall meeting knowledge retention, improvement, content, presenter excellence and post-meeting effectiveness. This post-meeting effectiveness is demonstrated through our rapidly generated reports, that will provide you every detail of the meeting, from click counts to overall focus and absorption. Use this to build a better meeting and make the most of your time.

We Make Your Life Easier

Customized App

We will take your idea, conceptualize it, and make it reality. Our team will create a beautiful and functional interactive meeting application and turn your vision into reality.

Perfectly Delivered Content

We integrate content, streamline logistics, monitor adoption, trigger engagement, and gather actionable insight guaranteed to leave an impression.

Fully Managed Meeting

A full service experience provides your event platform and audience engagement. At Intracta, we provide an uplift to your meeting technology. We build your app, usher in your content, deliver it to your audience, and oversee it from beginning to end. From design to session, Intracta handles every step of your engagement platform.

Experience the next level with Intracta

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