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Since its origin, Intracta has been closely tied with the pharmaceutical industry and knows exactly how to run these meetings with fully secured data and protecting confidential information.


The finance industry can rely on nuanced details and numeric intricacies. Keep your attendees focused with our hands-on platform, and ensure they retain the information afterwards as well.


Colleges and Universities are often challenged with producing large meetings with limited staff and short time to plan. Let Intracta take a weight off your shoulders with complete meeting management.


Distribution can often be the forgotten part of the business equation, but at Intracta we know that businesses don’t run without it. Help your employees and partners continue to gain momentum with help from our interactive meeting platform.

…and many more!

Reach your meeting’s full potential

As a full service live meeting technology company, Intracta helps leading companies usher innovative engagement strategies to life.

  • Fully adaptable technology, that will cater exactly to your needs.

  • Post-meeting reports allow you to assess every aspect of your meeting, helping you to understand what went well, and where to improve for the next meeting.

Focus on the big picture

Make the plans and let Intracta take over from there. When you’re too busy to handle the small details, the Intracta Mobile App is ready to take over.

  • Intracta tracks every detail for your attendees, from meeting itinerary to flight information, so you don’t have to stress about the logistics.

  • An activity feed will keep all the attendees connected with the latest updates, plus they will have the ability to contact each other directly through the app itself.

Become global

Allow your message to reach any and every audience, regardless of location or language.

  • Deliver customized content via attendee language selection, in both text and audio formats.

  • Specialized programs designed for organizations utilizing simultaneous interpretation delivered real-time via iPads.

Your ideal production

Intracta takes your idea, conceptualizes it, and makes it reality. Our team will create a beautiful and functional interactive meeting application to bring your vision to life.

  • Using innovative meeting technology, Intracta creates next generation engagement and analytics.

  • Intracta integrates content, streamlines logistics, monitor adoption, triggers engagement, and gathers actionable insights guaranteed to leave an impression.

QR Scanning

Save your meeting from the hassle of physical sign-in sheets, lost registrations, and more with Intracta’s QR Meeting, a straight-forward scanning and tracking system.

  • Take the pressure off your attendees by providing them with a guaranteed way to easily register and access your meeting.

  • The familiar technology of QR codes allows attendees to access all portions of your meeting with one simple scan.

Engage your audience like never before.

Realize the benefits of a truly successful meeting by delivering captivating content and interaction directly to your audience.

Experience the next level with Intracta

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